Soules Winter Games

The Soules Winter Games are HERE!

February 12th, 2022!


The sponsors for our Summer Games last year made it possible to get all the equipment, t-shirts and accessories needed to make it possible; so we’re hoping for sponsors to support us again for these Winter Games!

If you have a local business interested, please email us at


Bench Press (Max Reps – Mens weight = 135lbs, Women’s weight = 65lbs)

Squat (Max Reps – Mens weight = 165lbs, Women’s weight = 95lbs)

Trap Bar Deadlift (Max Reps – Mens weight = 185lbs, women’s weight = 135lbs)

Box Jumps (Most in 3 Minutes)

Burpees (Most in 3 Minutes)

Farmers Carry (to failure – Mens weight = 65lbs, Women’s weight = 45lbs)

Furthers Broad Jump

Fastest Spin Mile

Assault Bike (Fastest to 50 calories)

Rower (Fastest to 500m)

Treadmill (Fastest .25 mile)

Dead Hang (Longest)

Longest Hand-stand

Longest Wall-Sit

Longest Weighted Low Plank (Men = 25lb plate, Women = 10lb plate)

Simon Says (To The Death! Who will be the Finisher!)

KIDS EVENT! Kids indoor obstacle course with speed, agility, balance, strength, and more fun for kids of all ages!