Soules Winter Games

The Soules Winter Games are HERE!

February 12th, 2022!


10am – Bench Press (Max Reps – Mens weight = 115lbs, Women’s weight = 65lbs)

10:15am – Squat (Max Reps – Mens weight = 165lbs, Women’s weight = 95lbs)

10:30am – Trap Bar Deadlift (Max Reps – Mens weight = 185lbs, women’s weight = 135lbs)

10:45am – Box Jumps (Most in 3 Minutes)

11am – Burpees (Most in 3 Minutes)

11:15am – Farmers Carry (to failure – Mens weight = 65lbs, Women’s weight = 45lbs)

11:30am – Furthest Broad Jump

12pm – Fastest Spin Mile

12pm – Assault Bike (Fastest to 50 calories)

12pm – Rower (Fastest to 500m)

12pm – Treadmill (Fastest .25 mile)

12:30pm – Dead Hang (Longest)

12:45pm – Longest Hand-stand

1pm – Longest Wall-Sit

1:15pm – Longest Weighted Low Plank (Men = 25lb plate, Women = 10lb plate)

1:30pmSimon Says (To The Death! Who will be the Finisher!)

2pm KIDS EVENT! Kids indoor obstacle course with speed, agility, balance, strength, and more fun for kids of all ages!

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