Soules Summer Games!

The Soules Summer Games are coming!

At the end of the summer, we’re offering a weekend-full of FUN and GAMES, and we’re putting out the current list of events now so you can start to train and practice for the ones that interest you!

See the full list below for the current updated list of Games along with any rules and regulations to meet each event. Let us know if you have any specific questions about an event; and reserve your space by signing up today at the gym – there will be limited numbers per event!

There will be men’s and women’s winners for every category. Keep checking this list for any updated or added events!

$5 per event, $20 for Weekend Pass


  • 10:00AM: Bench Press (Max Reps)Men’s weight 135 lbs, Women’s weight 65 lbs. Barbell must touch chest at the bottom of every rep, and elbows lock out at the top of every rep.
  • 10:30AM: Squat to Box (Max Reps) – Mens Weight 165lbs, Women’s weight 95lbs. Must touch box (hips bellow parallel to knees) every rep.
  • 11:00AM: Box Jumps (Most in 5 Minutes) – Knees must lockout to full standing at top of every jump on box
  • 11:15AM: Burpees (Most in 5 Minutes) – Chest to floor (Hands/Arms must lift every rep) full jump arms over head.
  • 11:30AM: Spin Bike (Fastest 1 Mile)
  • 11:45AM: Assault Bike (Fastest 50 Calories)
  • 12:30PM: Pull-Ups (Max Reps)Blue Band Assisted Pull-Ups, #8 on Rack
  • 12:45PM: Wall Sit (Longest Hold) – Hips and knees must be parallel, knees over ankles, hands cannot rest on legs.
  • 1PM: Low Plank (Longest Hold)


  • 10:00AM: Tire Flip (Most Flips in 3 Minutes)
  • 10:30AM: Med Ball Toss (Furthest Throw) – Men 18lb ball, Women 15lb ball
  • 10:45AM: Sprint (70 Yard)
  • 11:00AM: Tug of War – Teams of 3, choose wisely!
  • 12:00PM: 5K Run Obstacle Course – Surprise course! Running, jumping, climbing, crawling – you’ll have to wait and see!
  • 1:30PM: Kids 1 Mile Obstacle Run! – Just like our adults obstacle course; a little shorter, but just as fun! KIDS ENTER FREE!

SIGN UP BELOW! Fill out the form and pay at the gym or we will email you an invoice.