Our Team

IMG_0867.jpgJustin Soules is a native of Berkshire County. He grew up in Lee and participated in multiple organized sports as well as enjoying all the seasonal sports that the Berkshire’s have to offer, such as biking, hiking, canoeing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing.

Justin earned his associates in health science in 2008 and certification through ACE fitness in 2009. He has experience in many different areas of fitness. Examples of these include strength and conditioning, active stretching, bootcamp, senior strength and balance, kettlebells, suspension training and more.

Justin feels that group classes and personal training are the best avenues of fitness. In his ten years of training he has seen people excel because they feel cared for and with supervision, are able to achieve more than they thought possible.

With his expertise he can design a workout for every age group from children to seniors, as well as every ability level. Seeing each person as in individual has created his success as a trainer and he is excited to share his love of fitness with all who feel they would like to improve their lives.

TODD.jpgTodd DiMario is a certified trainer that has worked in Berkshire County gyms for many years. Todd is also FMS certified. The FMS certification allows him to screen clients, and assign them corrective movements based on the assessment. Through the specific corrective movements, clients can find balance, and work on eliminating their asymmetries. This will in turn, increase the efficiency of their workouts, while decreasing the likelihood of injury.
With a strong background in strength and sports specific training, Todd has also had the pleasure of working with a vastly diverse population. He has worked with elite athletes, retirees, people that have never been to a gym, and those that are returning to the gym after an injury, or long absence.

Todd is confident he can tailor a workout to reach your specific goals. Whether you are a pre adult, seasoned athlete, or a client now enjoying the fruits of your labor (retirement ). With an industry flooded with gimmicks, and quick fixes, allow Todd DiMario to guide you through safe, effective movements, that have impact. This will not only change your body, but it will change the way you approach exercise going forward.

michelle.jpgMichelle Theilig

“The BEST project you will ever work on is YOU!”
She truly believes in this and is so passionate about health and fitness.
On top of being a personal trainer, Michelle is certified to teach Insanity, Zumba, and PiYo. In an effort to help and support as many people as possible, she is a Beachbody Coach. Michelle has been trained and coached by some of the best of the best.

Michelle is so proud and excited to be part of your journey to a healthier mind & body!

26904754_1503318739766387_3811248118439380826_n.jpgAntoinette Simms has been in the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry for 25 years. Her interest for fitness was sparked during her tour in the United States Navy. When she completed her enlistment, her deep love for fitness really began. She began teaching aerobics and personal training in Bermuda on the Naval Base as a civilian.

She then moved to Virginia Beach and competed in bodybuilding shows for the next several years and started delving into nutrition as well. Working in health food stores exposed her to the world of health and nutrition through supplements and foods. She put those two worlds together and began a personal training business. She toured with a rap group out of Virginia Beach named the Clipse and NYC rap sensation 50 cent whom she offered personal training, yoga instruction, planning and preparing meals that offered high levels of nutrition while touring on buses and living the hotel life.

Following her short and relatively unfulfilling experience in the entertainment industry, she came back to Virginia Beach and continued teaching fitness classes and seemed to be at the right place to learn from amazing teachers. Bodybuilding was her life until she started practicing yoga. Following her yoga training in Yogatherapy, she found her way to the Berkshires to study at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. For several years she studied many forms of yoga, meditation and breath work. She then worked at Canyon Ranch Spa in the Fitness/Body Mind department for last 8 years instructing innovative fitness, yoga, aquatics, dance classes and lectures. One goal she has is to stay present with each student and work with them to gain body/mind awareness where change needs to happen first. One of her skills is to allow people feel to comfortable in their own skin and start where they are… to always give permission to begin again.

Josh Reis

Josh is a Fitness Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Continuing his weight loss journey at Soules Sports & Fitness and losing almost 150 pounds has led him to want to do the same for others, and help them reach their own health and fitness goals. Josh enjoys both teaching classes and helping people with their food plans and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to help you reach your best version of yourself!