Coming Up!


Mondays, 5:30pm at the Lee Athletic Field
Thursdays, 5pm outside at Soules Sports & Fitness

6 Week Session begins Monday May 10th

Price for Members: $50 – Click here to sign up!
Price for Non-Members: $100 – Click here to sign up!


Our next BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE is here! And this time… the tables have turned. Get ready for the RELAY of your life! Throughout this 6 week challenge, we will have weekly relay bootcamps – every Saturday morning, completely outside.

The relay theme will also carry through as each day you will have a daily challenge to do on your own, ramping up each week as we go, ultimately reaching a better state of health, fitness, and wellness than when you started!

No matter your goal – whether it’s losing a few Quarantine LBs, gaining muscle, or overall improvement of how you feel – we will be there every step of the way to support you!

You’ll have access to a private online support group with our trainers to help motivate you and hold you accountable the whole way through.

Workouts, nutrition plans, and so much more!

Non-members $150 – Sign Up Here!

Members $75 – Sign Up Here!

Memorial Day MURPH!

Monday, May 31st – get excited for a serious workout!!

1 mile run – 100 pulls, 200 pushes, 300 squats – and another one mile run!

Stay tuned to our Facebook for more info, or sign up here to participate! This is going to be so much fun!