Coming Up!

Dear Valued Members,
You may or may not be currently up to date on the newest regulations and guidelines mandated by both the CDC and U.S. Government, but we are doing everything we can here at Soules Sports & Fitness to adhere to all of these, while still trying to stay open for you all!
There is a new recommendation of not gathering in groups larger than 10 people; due to this, we are going to limit capacity in our fitness facility for the time being.
Classes will be sign-up only, with a maximum of 5 people. Some classes are also shortened by a few minutes to give people time to leave the gym before the next group comes in (as we are trying to avoid large crowds in the entryway).
You can sign up for classes through your MINDBODY App, or right on the Schedule page of our website. You can also email or call us. Please leave a message if we are in class and unable to answer.
Though the MINDBODY app may not represent the current shortened class schedule, you can find an image of our Current Temporary Schedule on our website and Facebook. Facebook will continue to be the best place to check for any updates. Of course we are hoping to get back to our normal schedule and routine as soon as is safely possible!
Glen’s class, tomorrow morning at 8am, will temporarily be off the schedule, however we have adjusted the Tuesday Morning schedule so that you have another option in its place (as you will see in the schedule below).
These minor class adjustments and limitations will allow our trainers to continue to work one-on-one with clients in the open gym space, so personal training will move forward as normal; email or call us to book yours today if you haven’t already!
In addition, we are offering Private Group Training for you and your family/friends, in groups of 3-5 people, at a rate of $15 per person. (Normal dual training for an hour with two people is $90, or $45 per person, so we’re hoping this drastic discount will allow us to continue to work with you on your fitness goals through these trying times).
As always we are doing everything we can to make hygiene and cleanliness a priority in the gym. Not only are we asking everyone to wipe the equipment they use (as is always recommended), but if you are feeling ill or have a cold etc. we do ask. you stay home during that time. Deep cleaning will continue at the gym daily during the quiet time for as limited impact to your workouts as possible. 
We are sensitive to those who are opting to not come out to the gym or leave their home, and not only do we respect this, but are excited to look into options for Livestreaming workouts from our gym to your home!
On top of our normal training schedule, we do offer in-home training, and during this temporary schedule and gym change, we will happily waive the usual in-home fee (for those within 10 miles) so that you can continue to enjoy your usual personal training without having to go out in public!
If you would like a virtual personal training with your trainer of choice, message us today! Live group classes are something we are also looking forward to adding into the schedule in the coming days. 
We are taking this one day at a time, with the ever-changing news cycle, and as things continue to update or evolve, we will of course keep you updated. Regardless of what happens with the gym during this period, your goals don’t have to be on pause, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to help you stay healthy and fit until everything is back in its normal routine! Let’s all take a breath, try to stay calm through this difficult time; we will get through this together!
We appreciate your patience with us as we do our best to keep the doors open for you and our community that we love so much. If you have any questions, please message us, we are here to help – and more importantly, to keep you at your healthiest in these times!
Looking forward to seeing you in the soon,
Justin Soules & the Soules Fitness