Coming Up!

Stuck in a rut during the holidays? Eat too many sweets or go to too many parties? This 40 day program is for you!

Armed with a meal plan and online support group, this 40 days between the second half of November and majority of December, will give you DAILY workouts – just the routine you’ll need to conquer the winter blues, and extra winter pounds!

Some days may be easy, a few pushups and a nutrition challenge, some days will be full, long workouts that can be done anywhere, gym or home!

Did we mention it’s good for people of ANY exercise level, experienced or never exercised before? Every exercise can be modified and we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

At less than a dollar a day, it’s also our cheapest body transformation challenge to date!

You have nothing to lose, other than the few pounds you will shed during this time!

Get full support from our team of Trainers, Fitness Nutritionist, and the other participants taking part in this!

We’re excited to give YOU something to be excited about – your health!

Starting Saturday, November 14th!

It’s only $39.99! And you can sign up right from the SCHEDULE page on our website, or in your MINDBODY app. Just click Pricing, then VIRTUAL SERVICES, and you’ll see “40 Days of Fitmas” there!