Coming Up!

Our always-popular Six Week Body Transformation Challenge is back – with a twist!

This time, we’re completely VIRTUAL!

Though we will have one outdoor bootcamp class (Saturday mornings at 8am at the Lee High School) for those who are local and want to come out, the great news is that the majority of this Challenge can take place from home!

We also have two additional LIVE-STREAMED Classes! Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 7pm!
Already in the gym for a class before or after? You can join us in the gym for the workout during the broadcast too! The choice is yours!

Virtual workouts, virtual classes and workshops, nutrition plans and total accountability – what more could you need?

Whether you want to lose that Quarantine-15 or you’re hoping to re-gain some muscle, whatever your goal is – we can help! This challenge isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about getting your body, mind, and soul to the healthiest place it can possibly be!

It’s time to reach your goals, and we’re here to help!

Sign up now in the Mindbody App under ‘Virtual Services’

Already a member? Then it’s only $50!
Non-members = $100
or for the best value, $150 for non-members, with an entire gym membership included for the 6 weeks! You can’t beat that!

We look forward to helping you out and getting you started on your journey!

See you Saturday!